Neak Tang 4 Komchat Phnom Teok Kok (2014) / Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain (2014) / 寒山潛龍 (2014)
(Episode 22END)

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   Feng Nan Tin leads an elite group that investigates strange mysteries from all over the country. His position gives him authority over local judges and even the six ministries. Chu Cheung Seng, with his combination of courage and wisdom, is a favorite subordinate of Feng Nan Tin. However, they went their separate ways after not agreeing to the robbery. Chu Cheung Seng and his wife Yan Mei Neong have been missing for almost ten years. When the case came to an end, FENG NAN TIN ordered MA Cyun Giung, Ngau Dai Lik and Yeung Maau to search for Chu Cheung Seng and ask him to rejoin the group.